TumbleBooks has launched a TumbleBook-of-the-Day Program. A new book appears every day…for FREE! The link works on any web browser, including the one on your phone. You do not need to be in the library — the link works anywhere.

When you are in the library, you can see even more books at TumbleBooks.


Summer Reading Program 2015

MercerMayer_Little Critter_English

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner, and so is the annual Summer Reading Program! This year’s theme is Read to the Rhythm. There will be lots of exciting, musical, and (of course!) FREE musical activities at each of the branches.

Check out the lineup on our web page.

Programs are still being added, so please check back periodically or ask at any of the branches.

The Summer Reading Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library Groups.

App Review: Duolingo


Duolingo is an app that makes a game and a challenge out of language learning. With many languages to choose from (such as Spanish, Dutch, Italian, etc.) and more being added all the time, it’s a fast and fun way to pick up a new language. To get started you simply sign up (by creating an account or using your Facebook or Google+ account), choose your difficulty, and start playing. The app gives you several goals to work for and awards points for getting things right… but beware getting them wrong! You’ll run out of hearts and have to start over again.

The interactive gameplay and clever repetition make this app a great way to kill a few minutes and a fun, easy way to improve your language skills. All for the price of… free!

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

–Regina Griffiths

App Review: Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alpha is not your average search engine. Unlike Google this app exceeds in returning very specific results. Wolfram Alpha goes beyond revealing answers to complicated mathematical and scientific problems. This search engine extends to explain the equation of your problem so you can have a greater understanding of similar problems in the future. In addition to queries of a mathematical nature, Wolfram Alpha can give you information about any subject from art history to sports and other pop culture topics. As an encyclopedic app I give it an A+. Find it here.

–Lia Finch

App Review: CamScanner


CamScanner lets you scan your favorite images to your smartphone or tablet that you can then touch up, crop, rotate or resize and then save. When finished select an action to email, airprint, fax, upload, open in a JPG of PDF file, or add to your photo album on your smartphone or tablet.
When you download the app you are given 200MB of Cloud Space with chances to earn more for free. I find the best way to use this app is to scan the items you want to save, edit them and then upload them to your device or email. You can then save them on a computer or flash drive.
I started using this to save and share my Grandma’s favorite recipes like her Five Pound Fudge! Both sides of her recipe card are scanned using the app on my smartphone. The first side of the recipe is auto edited and the second is the original scan. This is an easy and fun way to save your memories and things that are important to you.


Available on iTunes.

–Susie Serrano

A Positively Seusserrific Weekend!

Oh the places you'll go...

This weekend at the Chico Branch we’re having not one but TWO events celebrating Dr. Seuss’ upcoming birthday.

On Saturday, February 28, at 2pm, a special StoryTail Tutors will feature a Seuss theme and crafts. This excellent program happens every fourth Saturday of the month, and features specially trained therapy dogs who listen to kids aged 5-12 years read books of their choosing. The dogs are great listeners, and awfully cuddly, too.

On Sunday, March 1, at 2:30pm, a special family storytime is planned. Bring the whole family and listen to some of your favorite Dr. Seuss stories, sing songs, and do crafts.

seuss dog

App Review: Drawnimal

Swipe, Tap, Watch and Listen. This is the basic concept for this fun, interactive alphabet app for young minds. An array of cute animals wiggle and wink to a child’s touch as they traverse the alphabet. Reactions also come in the form of imaginative sounds, soft and fierce. A narrator pronounces each letter of the alphabet that is selected in varying fashions and the name of each animal very carefully, allowing young users to have an attentive listen as they learn new words. Speaking of learning new words, Drawnimal comes with five different language options, and variations in the animals appear throughout each language interface.

This creative app is also meant to cross the boundaries of digital media and traditional hand to eye coordination with an additional feature, the use of an actual pen and paper. Place your phone or tablet onto a piece of paper while the app is active and a blinking face will be the inspiration for a drawing that, once complete, will come to life as the screen is tapped. While this is one of the main features of the app, the youngest users are likely to be satisfied only using the screen interface. Children that have mastered the hand-eye skills to draw simple shapes will benefit from being introduced to the app as it was originally intended with the drawing on paper option.

Drawnimal has a clean and minimal interface that is easy to use for children and adults, making it an app that will not frustrate its users. Additionally, the app has no in-app purchases or links to videos. Unlike other interactive apps with animals and characters that react to finger taps, Drawnimal stays classy and parents will not have to worry about children picking up questionable words, sounds or gestures.

drawnimal2 drawnimal1

Drawnimal by Yatatoy $1.99 iOS IPHONE AND IPAD

–Ricardo Ramirez